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    Damian Ortega

Print size:
83 x 70mm


Print size: 523
x 348mm

    Barbara Kruger

Print size: 7
3 x 70mm


Print size: 2
60 x 210mm

    Gerwald Rockenschaub

Print size: 299
x 210mm

    Marina Abramovic

Print size:
206 x 282mm

    Yinka Shonibare

Print size:
193 x 150mm

    Lucy Orta

Print size: 210 x 275 mm

    Sue Williamson

Print size: 280 x 116 mm

    Erwin Wurm

Print Size: 210 x 220 mm

Cory Arcangel

Print Size: 250 x 165 mm

    Joe Biel

Print Size: 190 x 148 mm

    Alan Charlton

Print Size: 295 x 210 mm

    Damien Hirst

Print Size: dimensions variable

    Nedko Solakov

Print Size: 245mm x 195mm

    Luc Delahaye

Print Size: 280mm x 135mm

    Maurizio Cattelan

Print Size: 190mm x 150mm

    Ellen Gallagher

Print Size: 190mm x 175mm

    Mary Sue


    Pae White

Print Size: 190mm x 255mm


Tracey Emin

Print Size: n/a


Ceal Floyer

Print size: n/a


Paul Morrison

Print size: n/a


Patrick Caulfield

Print size: n/a


Jonathan Lasker

Print size: n/a



Print size: 210mm x 250mm


Richard Wentworth

Print size: 174mm x 260mm


Martin Kersels

Print size: 150mm x 270mm




Vito Acconci

Print size: 140mm x 280mm


Mathieu Mercier

Print size: 166mm x 238mm


Sylvie Fleury

Print size: 198mm x 210mm

    Roni Horn

Print size: 195mm x 190mm

    Robin Rhode

Print size: 210mm x 288mm


Xie Nanxing

Print size: 180mm x 262mm

    Tomoko Takahashi

Print Size: n/a

    Ugo Rondinone

Print Size: 260mm x 200mm

    Amikam Toren

Print Size: 230mm x 200mm

    John Armleder

Print Size: 260mm x 178mm

    Gillian Wearing

Print Size: 230mm x 220mm

    Roland Fischer

Print Size: 270mm x 190mm

    Julia Warr

Print Size: 255mm x 182mm

    Wim Delvoye



    Karim Rashid

Print Size: 270mm x 202mm

    Hans Op de Beeck

Print Size: 240mm x 180mm

    Mike Figgis

Print Size: 260mm x 182mm

    Gustavo Artigas

Print Size: 252mm x 170mm

    Torbjørn Rødland

Print Size: 515mm x 415mm

    William Pope L

Print Size: 270mm x 212mm

    Kendell Geers

Print Size: 420mm x 290mm

    Werner Reiterer

Print Size: 290mm x 210mm